Our Story

About Crust & Co

Since Crust & Co's beginnings in 2013, our passion has been to honour the daily ritual of traditional French methods of artisan baking. Starting out as a purely wholesale business, baking everything out of an historic brick bakehouse in Wilston, we decided to open our side door (literally) and invite the people of Brisbane to share our love of artisan baking. At our bakery you can see and smell our breads, viennoiserie pastries and other freshly baked goods being prepared by our European bakers right before your eyes. 

A little history

Starting as a wholesale bakery, we decided to open the doors of our bakery to make our quality, authentic artisan baked goods accessible for everyone to enjoy in their homes.

Drawing inspiration from our French, Italian and Australian heritage, all of our products are handmade daily by our skilled artisan bakers, honouring traditional methods not typically seen in Australia. 

A true artisan baker requires a certain skill that is rare to find and difficult to teach. That is why many of our bakers studied the skill of artisan baking in France, bringing the authentic experience to our quiet street in Wilston. 

Our Baking Ethos


We use high quality ingredients sourced from Australia and Europe and traditional French methods of artisan baking.

Everything is handmade from scratch by our experienced artisan bakers and fermented naturally to allow the ingredients, one of which is time, to develop their true flavours and unique textures. 

No preservatives or additives are present within any of our products, instead you'll find naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and good enzymes. 


An essential ingredient to an excellent sourdough loaf, levain is the starter used to create all our artisan breads. Our starter has been carefully tendered and maintained for over 12 years.  

Baking with a levain gives an end result which has more flavour and improves the preservation of the bread.
Crust & Co leavened breads are slightly tangy, they have a honeycomb and elastic crumb, they chew well, have a firm consistency and crunchy crust (humidity permitting).

This traditional method also makes our sourdough easier to digest, has naturally lower GI and gives it a distinctive unique taste with each batch. 

Slow Fermentation

24 to 36 hours

A true artisan sourdough takes time to allow the delicious, natural flavours, honeycomb crumb, golden crust and perfect chewy textures to realise.

Everything starts with a slow speed mixing of the doughs. Our controlled, slow fermentation process allows the flour and sourdough to develop and ferment naturally.

This combined with other features of our baking methods makes our sourdough easier to digest, naturally lower in GI and gives it a distinctive, unique taste to each batch. 

All our doughs go through a slow fermentation process, which can vary from 24 to 36 hours. 

Viennese Lamination

Croissant dough is a laminated dough, due to the intricate layering of dough and butter sheets. It's through the process of lamination that our croissants develop their layers of mouth watering butter and pastry with its crispy shell and webbed, airy crumb.

Mastering this layering is an ever evolving goal with it's many contributing elements; the temperature of the room, the humidity in the air, the absorbency of the flour, the activity in the yeast and finally the skill of perfectly layering butter and dough, cutting it with care and shaping it to allow an even fermentation and bake.

Lamination is the art of folding the dough and butter many times to create the beautiful, puffy layers you find within our croissant and other viennoiserie pastries. 

Our touriers follow traditional French methods of lamination and hand shaping of all viennoiserie.