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Baked tenderly by our artisan bakers, all our bread is made by hand every day, from scratch, using  high quality ingredients.  

Our sourdough starter has been carefully nurtured for more than 12 years, providing our sourdough breads with their signature flavour, honeycomb crumb structure and golden crust. 

We create a range of artisan breads including baguettes, traditional white sourdough, roasted mixed grain sourdough, burger buns, specialty breads and more. 

Viennoiserie Pastries

Carefully hand crafted using high quality ingredients, our delicious range of croissants, danish, pain au chocolat and pain aux raisins will leave your mouth watering for more. 

Made with high quality French butter, our skilled touriers and bakers use truly authentic French artisan methods to craft our light and flaky croissant that melt in your mouth with every bite. 

Other baked goods

Our select range of artisan baked goods can include anything from filled brioche, bagels, tarts, cakes, flans, quiches and other savoury offerings.

Pick up a freshly baked cake for a special occasion, hot cross buns for Easter, meringues and pavlova for entertaining guests, along with seasonal treats for Christmas.

Our baked goods will vary depending on seasonality and supply.  


There is a story
behind every

Head behind the scenes with the Crust & Co team at our bakery
for a truly authentic experience with every bite.


Health Benefits

By using high quality ingredients, slow mixing and slow fermentation without any additives or preservatives, our bread products have naturally lower GI, more good vitamins and minerals and lower salt. 

This slow fermentation process also means that Crust & Co products are easier to digest, keep you fuller for longer and have a delicious taste.